Friday, April 27, 2012

This is a Title

It's times like these where I don't know what to say. I'm somewhere between the somber and slightly saddened stage and the "blah, i'm so bored" stage. Frankly, it sucks. Now, as I sit here listening to Leeland and wondering what to do with myself I realize that the whole day has been a bit of a blank. Just going through the motions, escaping into my own mind and losing all track of reality. I hate and love those days. I love them because it gets my mind and self away for a while, and I hate them because once I'm back in reality I've just wasted hours of precious time. That's another thing, Time.
I mean, have you ever realized how short time is?  How short life is?
"wow, you're olddd" chant the children of the village. That's right, no one else reads this so they will answer all my rhetorical questions. Isn't that right children.
"We love question filled stories!" 
Of course you do.
Anyway, I can't fathom what it is about people that makes them consider life as they do. Do they realize that if we're lucky we'll have maybe eighty years on this Earth? There's always going to be something wrong, or something "more important" than getting on to life. But don't we see how important it is to make a difference while we can? I can zone out for the next 24 hours, get a few good grades on a test, read a little, but how much difference does it make? It doesn't.
There's so much to understand and comprehend, so much we can never hope to learn in our lives! Have you ever really realized what you can do? 
"I can put sticks in Jimmy's hair."
How can people stand to just sit around and think of life as nothing? Why is it that every time someone get's a bad grade, has a bad break up, loses their phone or car keys, that becomes the biggest crisis in the world?? 
Wouldn't it be more efficient to get up, walk it off, and do something about it? 
I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing with this. It was just the first thing that happened to pop into my mind.
"Jimmy doesn't have a very big mind"
"He just has a lot of sticks"

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jelly Beans

Who the hell makes popcorn jelly beans?
I mean who's great Idea was it to say "hey! I know! will mix up a vat of butter, with sugary lard, color it obscurely and people will eat our shit! best. product design. ever." Imagine my surprise when a deceivingly yellow (as in, lemon looking) jelly bean was popped into my mouth with the expectance of a delicious sugary sweetness and instead got a mouthful of buttery shit. It's the same kind of thing that they did with Matthews Pickle flavored sunflower seeds. Why do food companies come up with this stuff?? I mean, if i wanted to eat popcorn instead of jellybeans, I would have bought popcorn. If I wanted to eat pickles, I wouldn't have bought sunflower seeds. IF I WANTED TO EAT EGGPLANT, I WOULDN'T HAVE BOUGHT LAYS POTATO CHIPS.
The logic behind these people's ideas is infuriating. There's a different between putting steak sauce on a chip and it being delicious, and making said chip flavored as a steak. THERE'S A BALANCE.
However, butter flavored jelly beans? it's like taking a stick of butter, some old stale corn, and a vat of sugar, then mixing it all up and shoving it into your mouth.
disappointed? me too.
Oh, sorry it's sugar free. So same picture, with splenda. Gee thanks, I really wanted some cancer on the side of your shit jelly beans.
Yes, this is the highlight of my day, a rant about awful jelly beans.
My life is just so exciting!