Monday, June 27, 2011

"3 way!"

Alright, this is just sad....I was walking down the street with a few friends. another girl, (names will not be included) and my bf....God I hate that term...anyway, we were walking downtown just laughing, when some random group of kids across the street yell "3 way!". Tell me that wouldn't piss you off. unfortunately, that's what's "cool" now. before you get all over me saying that it's just humor, I know that. But don't tell me it wouldn't annoy you. the fact that being with friends, having fun for crying out loud! is looked upon as a sexual joke, and is *yelled* across the town at people. c'mon, that's just sad. After them yelling "3 way" at us a few more times....yeah. we lost it. It was the wrong thing to do, but we all just kind of flipped them off walking by. As far as I'm concerned, they deserved alot more than that. But hey, they have their right to speech and joking around. However....People don't get it. that kind of thing is funny for a little while, but it pisses people off to. I'm sure they had a good laugh over it, heck, the first time when we were all just goofing around we just kind of let it blow over and laughed ourselves. but continuously, and brutally, it gets annoying. so, can anyone answer why this is funny? Why, exactly, must people make jokes like this to get attention? I'm sure there are plenty of things to tease about besides unrealistic sexual activity, when real people are involved. i admit i listen and laugh to those jokes too, but not like this...but hey! i know this is boring just reading me rant on! lol. then again, no one reads this anyway :/
this made me literally rofl...well, i fell off my bed anyway. lol

Monday, June 20, 2011


As noted by the heading I'm having problems with titles. As I've said before I am currently writing a book, and now comes the part of choosing a title. *sigh* any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Not that anyone actually reads this, lol. but, whatever....The book includes: Dragons,War, Magic, Elves, Dwarfs, and who knows what else...I doubt that'll help with finding a title but I don't want to give too much away. l8rs!

Monday, June 13, 2011


quick something I wrote. Enjoy?

Soon, now I’ll be away.
Soon now, I'll follow the hidden paths to the land of forest beats
Soon now, I’ll see the trees, and feel the grass beneath my feet.
Soon now. I’ll long for the day that I’ll be free again….
Soon now, I’ll run the mountainsides, and swim the flowing streams.
Soon now, I’ll soar to the highest peaks.
Soon now, I'll be with the storms that i seek.
Soon now, I’ll meet the day that I’ll be finally free.
And now I hear the wind laughing through the branches,
And the clouds taunt, floating by,
The breezes part and the trees fly by
And Finally, I can spread my wings, and take to the beckoning skies….

Sunday, June 5, 2011

things that annoy me

a "small" list, shall we?

  1. When you see one of those key chain racks with names on them and not a single one is yours.
  2. When someone acts obvious in some way but when you ask them what's wrong they say, "nothing".
  3. When you have an awesome dream, and then wake up and completely forget it.
  4. When someone says they want to spend time with you and then completely ignore you.
  5. When people ask stupid questions and you have to struggle to not lose your temper.
  6. mom or dad: Do you understand?
    me: yes, ok.
    mom or dad: no! it's not ok!! *lecture begins again*
  7. When people are treated like shit in a joking way so you know you can't get mad at them.
  8. When you find something really cool on the internet and then can never find it again.
  9. When people complain that no one cares while you're sitting right there listening and trying to help.
  10. When you begin to feel like all you ever talk about is yourself.
  11. When you try to make conversation and the person just says "mhm".
  12. When your chainsaw mysteriously disappears.
  13. When no matter how many hints you give that one person just wont go away!!!
  14. Obnoxious zuchini's.

Friday, June 3, 2011

 I am taking part in a challenge to re-read the entire Inheritence cycle, by Christopher Paolini. if you have never heard of this, then you may have seen the movie "Eragon" which was based on the series. i suggest reading it immediately as they are some of the greatest books written (in my opinion). We will be re-reading Eragon, Eldest, and Brisinger, from Oct 18th - Nov 8th. when the 4th book comes out. Inheritence (the 4th book) is the conclusion to the series, and I know *I* look forward to it....
 I am including a link to the Blog that is issuing the challenge which has more details. I hope you'll try the books!