Sunday, June 5, 2011

things that annoy me

a "small" list, shall we?

  1. When you see one of those key chain racks with names on them and not a single one is yours.
  2. When someone acts obvious in some way but when you ask them what's wrong they say, "nothing".
  3. When you have an awesome dream, and then wake up and completely forget it.
  4. When someone says they want to spend time with you and then completely ignore you.
  5. When people ask stupid questions and you have to struggle to not lose your temper.
  6. mom or dad: Do you understand?
    me: yes, ok.
    mom or dad: no! it's not ok!! *lecture begins again*
  7. When people are treated like shit in a joking way so you know you can't get mad at them.
  8. When you find something really cool on the internet and then can never find it again.
  9. When people complain that no one cares while you're sitting right there listening and trying to help.
  10. When you begin to feel like all you ever talk about is yourself.
  11. When you try to make conversation and the person just says "mhm".
  12. When your chainsaw mysteriously disappears.
  13. When no matter how many hints you give that one person just wont go away!!!
  14. Obnoxious zuchini's.

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