Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Blasphemy" by Douglas Preston

So i attempted to read "science-fiction". fail.
half the things they said i had no idea what they were talking about, which kind of brought down the experience of reading it.
the plot was...interesting. however, it made an annoying point against Christianity, as well as most of the Navajo tribes that still exist in the midwest; such as where the story takes place. They make Christians look like uncaring beasts. including the scene of the "Rev." tieing one of the scientists to a tree, and burning him. Shooting an innocent man because he would not accept God at gun point. and gathering thousands of "Christians" to lay seige on an entire mountain! wtf!?
Also the plot consists of these scientists supposedly creating a black hole and speaking with "God". turns out this God was just the leader of their group trying to establish a new religion, the religion being "science". Even after proclaiming at the end that the whole "God" part was a fake, the author enforces the spreading of this "religion". Anyways, it was a thoroughly confusing and offensive book. bravo! I'll go back to my regular fantasy novels now...

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