Monday, July 25, 2011

memory lane

Old memories stirred....tears fell....words were written.

"So I’ll stand in the snow, watching you go…
As my breath turns to frost, wondering what I’ve lost.
Don’t know why I’m just remembering; All the times you left me hurting,
My mind remembers so keenly, how it was for one to leave me
I can’t keep it in anymore, the memories flooding out the door
Careless, and
Hateful, I was…
And yet I’m haunted again…
Evermore hurt, 
Loathing a cut so curt…"

by far, one of the worst things I've written. couldn't write as smoothly as usual. the tenses and rhymes are kind of mixed. *sigh* truth be told, I'm glad it happened...or the present never would've occurred. 
But now....What's wrong with me?! why can't I do anything right? why am I so stupid!? I'll never be able to do anything right. I'm sorry....I'm so sorry....

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