Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Where will you go?” Michael packed away his few things in a sack and heaved it onto his shoulder. William sat at the edge of the bed and watched him carefully.
“I’ll go to the woods, maybe camp there until I can figure out where I’ll stay.” 
“That’s crazy! You can’t survive out there! You don’t know a single thing about those woods!” Will protested.
“shhh! Keep you voice down! And if there is one thing I know about survival its that if I stay here-” Michael motioned to the room around him. 
“- I’ll be dead soon enough anyway.”  the orphanage that had been Michael’s home for eleven too many years, was horrible. Survival of the fittest ruled the floor and everyone who wasn’t big and idiotic enough to strike up a fight, was left to be trampled underfoot. Michael had been planning his escape for near two years now. And now, he was leaving for good. The only thing he would miss was Will.
“You sure you don’t want to come? You know that they’re going to come to you with questions.”
“and I’ll tell them the always correct answer of ‘I don’t know.’ which I really don’t, you haven’t told me anything!”
“That’s the point.” Michael mumbled under his breath. The clock sounded at one A.M. 
“Alright man, I need to get out of here.
“you know the woods is the first place they’ll look!” Will called after him.
“With luck, they’ll be as scared of it as I am.” Michael climbed out the window and onto the low deck that surrounded the upper floor of the house; He then continued to hang from the railing and use his arms to climb around the house, to where the hill top was closer to the roof. After some hesitation, Michael let himself fall and rolled across the yard. Wiping the grass stains off his pants, he stood up and walked towards the edge of the yard; entering the forest.
....let the games begin....

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