Monday, February 6, 2012


Once upon a time there was a tv show tht was gathered together with a cast of the squeakiest winiest teenagers, in which the 2 main characters sound like a 5 yr olg girl and a nasally geek, except the nasally geek is actually an alien in a small town called "roswell" the whiny 5 yr old is shot in her parents alien themed restraunt where she works as a waitress and the alien geek, who secretly has had a stalkerish obsession with her since kindergarten heals her with his magic alien powers. they then fall maddeningly in love along with aloen geeks sister and other alien friend whom all fall in love with the human 5 yr old girls friends, all of a sudden the sherif and FBI get involved and they're trying to cover up the fact tht they are aliens so they dnt get assraped by the government, but instead the geeky alien guy ends up cheating on 5 yr old whiny girl because he is apparently "being controlled by something" to make him fall in love with a phsycho blonde girl who now turns out to be an alien to, but an enemy one, and they dnt know what to do because now theres alot of lovey dovey drama as well as them all running for their fucked up lives, oh and alien hickeys kill humans. THE END

aka, twilight with aliens.

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