Thursday, May 12, 2011


people tend to descriminate everyone and their actions by how old they are. when a little kid goes up to someone and gives them a hug it's "cute". if someone older than 7 did that it would be "gay". you see where I'm going with this? because of someone's *age* they are descriminated against....another topic is age difference. what are the limits on an age difference in a relationship? and why do people frown on it. If I was, 12 but mature for my age, and had a "boyfriend" (i hate that term) that was say...15. people would consider the relationship fake. they whisper, "it'll never last". therefore anything said between the "couple" wouldn't matter as much. If she said "I Love You" (no, not "like", Love.) would anyone, even him, take her seriously? instead they'd think, "she's too young to really understand it, but thats really *cute*" what the hell is wrong with our community and world?
It's true though. how many times have you looked at a little girl doing the exact same thing as an older person and thought differently. if a little kid came up to you and told you to vote for (fill in candidate here), you wouldn't take them seriously, would you? and yet, we all do this *every day*. I know no one sees these, but I'm hoping someone will agree.

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