Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I started writing years ago....I can never stop. Every day I try to write something; whether, it's a short story, or a poem. whatever. It helps to just let my feelings out in this way rather than have them sit around doing nothing in an old filing cabinet. no, im not going to just waste your time with that. I'll be posting updates about myself as well every once in a while.

Even a crow can sing a gentle song, and become attractive to the eye.
And what appears to be a meadowlark can become a gruesome magpie.
A Vulture in all its gruesome delight, from below can look beautiful in flight.
But people, however, are much the same. For one never knows when they’re playing a game.

It's not much but....yeah. it's a start, maybe it'll make you think. I know, I know, that would be horrible. I mean we have our handy little cell phones and the internet for that.

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