Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dreams and the like

"Each tear bears a name whether it be fear worry distress or anger; anger with myself for letting it get this far. fear that they'll be hurt even more. worry that it wont stop. Distress because i cant do anything about it. and now the tears bear no name for they are a countless many." -Sleepless Nights, by me.

Dreams. Nightmares. No, i haven't watched inception lately, bear with me.
is it possible to dream of something that could happen....yes. anyone can dream of wearing a blue sock, and I'm sure there is a chance that they will wear one at some point in their life. But, I'm talking about weird things. like, what if someone died in a dream? (more like a nightmare) is it possible that it will come true? dreams and nightmares have been cropping up a lot lately when it comes to problems. I find myself worrying more and more about them....but then i realized something. they're not real. they're are you. if there is some kind of dream where you die, or kill someone, or maybe even when you might be told something in them. your dreams cant tell you anything you don't already know, because they are / are created by, you. I have reached the conclusion that it is possible to dream of something that might happen, but only to a certain extent. especially when it's something like the examples I gave above.  to contradict my theory ( lol ) I am writing a short story called 115 (don't ask...)
It's the story of a nightmare. this information and book are copy righted, I will sue and prosecute any who try to take credit for my work, yada, yada, yada....

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