Tuesday, May 10, 2011

quote #1

a quote to make y'all laugh, well, i hope you laugh at least. lolz so true.

"rock, paper, scissors.
i understand how scissors can beat paper,
and how rock can beat scissors, but there is
no freaking way
paper can beat rock. is paper supposed to
magically wrap itself around rock and
leave it im mobile? why the hell can't
paper do this to scissors? actually,
screw scissors,
why can't paper do this to people?
why aren't sheets of college-ruled notebook
paper constantly suffocating students
while they're taking notes in class? i'll tell you why:
because paper can''t beat anybody. a rock can
tear that crap up in two seconds. when i play rock,
paper, scissors, i always choose rock. then when somebody
claims to have beaten me, i'll punch them in the face with my
clenched fist and say, "oh, i'm sorry i thought your
paper would protect you."

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