Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blogging in general

blogging isn't a bad thing...its the people who "blog" like anyone cares. No one really does care  about their friend cindy being "such a bitch because she bought purple nail polish instead of blue" and shit....People eat it up because then they feel likek they can live someone elses life instead of their own pathetic ones. and bloggers think that their audiences care about them, so they keep dishing it out. It's an ongoing circle really. I just obviously had to point this out because it gets extremely annoying to here people saying  "omg, I like have to check this blog for a sec, yeah she's like awesome. She lists like every single color on earth, in Greek. idk why it's important it's just cool. ooooh look today's is orange!" Now if all those kinds of preppy girls made up a girls football team, *that* I would watch. Just because "omg I broke my nail" is far less entertaining than "OMG I BROKE MY LEGS!!!" just saying....Bloggers, please stop pretending like people care so much. I'm sure many deserve their fans, but most, (like our Greek coloring friend) do not. I mean, we all know you just started this because you were bored, wanted to feel  like people cared about your opinions or what happened in your life at some point when something big you could write about was going on. Now those who have specialty blogs fine. perfect. They are doing something worth while, book reviews, food reviews, heck I guess even are coloring book friend is at least consistent. Those are all quite interesting.  And readers, I know it's fun to surf the web and subscribe and become a dedicated fan to every blogger who says the words "Justin Beiber" but if you love everything these guys talk about so much, then why don't you walk outside and do it yourself. I don't know buy a Greek coloring set at wal-mart.

This is ironic because this "blog" thing is pretty much exactly what I'm ranting about

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