Thursday, November 3, 2011

Twitter and such.

Ok, so....I never liked twitter. And frankly I don't see the point of it, it seems much more complicated than facebook, and on facebook I don't have to feel bad for going 20 minutes without posting something. quite the opposite actually. But my favorite Author, Christopher Paolini (who apparently shared my opinions of twitter up until now) has gotten one, and he does post much there. So of course to follow him, I had to make a twitter account. -.=.-  I still hate it. So you know follow me on twitter and shit...@CarnaDrans
yeah, I kid...If you follow me you'll probably just realize how meaningless life is from my depressing updates and end up wanting to end everything. I haven't been in the best mood, ok?
  "Oh but why Carna!? how could yo ever be in such a down-in-the-dumps kind of dreary tone?" chant the children of the village. Well I'll tell you children, it's because of a sickness I've discovered. "Oh no! not like the measles or chicken pox is it?!?" "probably girl germs" they whisper. 
No, no, nothing like that; this is a disease that takes your heart. "*gasp*!!!" shout the children of the village. It's a nasty one. it's like a cold black snake of ash. It can drill itself into your heart in the amount of time it takes to type a few words. And when it does it quickly begins to expand, overlapping your heart in that diseased black expansion, until your heart just shatters to tiny little pieces. Like it's being stabbed and shredded over and over again! "O.O but...that would kill you!" cry the children of the  village, and I know I will be getting several calls from angry mothers tonight when this story is retold by the upset children. Ah! one would think so but you see, that black "snake", if you will, would begin to pick up each tiny fragment to put the heart back together. This can take an extremely long time as I'm sure you can imagine. And in the mean time your heart is replaced by this cynical, always logical, emotionless snake. The only emotions allowed are sad and depressed ones. Plus, without your heart in perfect working order, it can effect your mind, your life style, how you view everything. "momma did always say there aint no cure for a broken heart..." Well, unfortunately children of the village I have this sickness. Oh don't worry it's not contagious. But I'm afraid it can never be cured either. "But you said that eventually the snake feller would put back together all the pieces!" questions one child as the others nod their heads in agreement. Well, when something explodes, some times little pieces, or large pieces, can be taken away by other people. They don't know what they're doing by taking them, but they do. And it can be very hard to get those pieces back once they're taken. "But that's stealing!!" "yeah!" "we can just light them on fire, then they'll have to give it back." "or beat 'em up!" "yeah! yeah!" "ARRRRRRGH!!!!" battle cries ring from teh children of the village as they stampede after the heart-piece-thief. Their parents are going to kill me.
"Hey kids! wtf do you think you;re doing with that bat, get over here!"
Disclaimer: no child hearts were stabbed through, exploded, or corrupted in the making of this story.

Now what was this supposed to be about? oh, yeah twitter....umm...k bye!

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