Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"That's life"

"Thats life". One of the most common statements we hear day to day. Is it life? What is considered life, exactly?
Is it pain? accomplishment? Love? or just some mistake that occurred giving us the privelage to do our day to day things until we drop dead. 
  Now to tackle the Idea of pain, or hurt. "That's life", it comes with hurt or pain. I suppose that also means it's to be expected. If it's expected though, then its more of an element *of* life then...not life itself, isn't it? Now, if we don't anticipate pain in our lives, if not living as if it is the very root of life, then by the worlds definition it is our own fault for the pain to cause us any grief or surprise what so ever. makes sense, doesn't it? no? hmmm perhaps then, it is really trust that gets us in the way of pain. we don't expect we trust that is the supposed problem with humanity. ah well, we may never know. What we do know is that in every aspect of the time our bodies are animated in what is called life( ! ) pain holds an ample part.
  Accomplishment! there's an idea. We become educated through out first (averaging) 25 years? then we find a career, we use the money from said career to pay for bills, a house, maybe a family. then if we're lucky we retire and then eventually die. Such a cheery picture. So what is accomplishment? is it accomplishment to carry out that life, or is there more to it?....I admit to being a strange, abnormal, person and think that there is. Our accomplishments may vary, may be your career, u may become the next millionaire through your real estate business or what not. You may write a best seller off the spare lunch hours you have on the company computer. Who knows! but if life is indeed the fact of accomplishment then should we not hold everything we have to it? should we even think of doing anything else with ourselves until the task we chose is completed? Something to think about....
  Love. Could this be the reason, and/or the very thing we call life? can we derrive everything we do from Love? It's very tempting to say yes. One could say that without his Love or passion for (fill in the blank) they couldn't accomplish( ! ) anything, nor could they feel pain of something they never Loved. All the points made above can be argued one way or another to comply. But do we trust  Love anymore? Does the world trust  Love, or does the world....expect it. Do we expect to eventually find it when we're in our 20s and have a nice job and are accomplishing things? If the answer is yes, then we can not say life is Love. It's just an expected element that is taken account for and used as it is to be expected of us. 
 So, the next time you say or hear "That's life" think about what it is you could be stating. I challenge the world to find a meaning to life or indeed what life itself is. Also, Is you ever have said "That's life" to someone, I dare you to go back to that person and state exactly what you think life is in that situation. Oh what fun since none will read this and I look so perfectly insane and cynical.
Oh but there is so much more to analyze. I could sit here and rant some more about everything and how meaningless it is. actually, I think I will.

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