Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween. The minutes.

Halloween. the minutes. (I didn't actually have any kind of time calculating device.)
5:30 PM: phone calling everyone known and unknown...sorry Hank from California, wrong number. oh, you have plans too?
5:40 PM:  has resigned self to handing out pretzels to toddlers all night.
5:53 PM: writes a status on facebook stating the above.
6:05 PM: decides to go out anyway and clads self in black clothes, cloak, and knives.
6:08 PM: gets lectured by overly protective parent for costume being "too realistic as a killer".
6:18 PM: meets up with old friend and continues to terrorize all bowls of candy left out on porches.
6:30 PM: finds a cash abundant wallet in the middle of the street. "DID ANYONE LOSE A WALLET!?!?!"
6:31 PM: a neighbor did in fact lose a wallet and awards us for being "such honest children"...pfft, of course, I would've turned it in anyway!...
6:50 PM: moves on to main street and see's how many people stare as they drive by...11 btw
7:00 PM: reaches top of extremely steep cul de sac to find out only one house is accepting trick or treaters and there is a coyote around.
7:09 PM: runs away like hell after thinking of how far in the woods we are with a coyote prowling.
7:11 PM: remembers I have several knives....and a knitting needle.
7:30 PM: make second rounds at each of the replenished candy bowls and empty them as best as possible.
7:40 PM: hefts extremely heavy pillowcase over shoulder and heads home.
8:00 PM: passes out the last few pretzel bags to the assorted zombie and werewolf costumed toddlers.
8:30 PM: congratulate a little girl at being the only one with an original costume. she was a wingless demon fairy cat.
8:40 PM: muddles through the endless sea of snicker bars. "they're good for your teeth!" there must've been a sale at Job Lot or something.

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