Sunday, November 13, 2011

Inheritance! the End of a great legacy of books.

This *will* contain spoilers. Sorry.

Inheritance/ Inheritance Cycle/ "Eragon series" - ....Ok, the book. was awesome. The story, was amazing. But there were some slight disappointments. For one, the entire series kind of builds up to the big fight between Galbatorix and Eragon (warning: spoilers) and instead of the epic sword battle of the century!...Galbatorix understands his wrongs and kills himself in a fiery explosion, as far as I could tell at least. I must say however, it was written well and definitely was unexpected. Which may have been part of the point. Also, Again the story was great, but completely unsatisfactory as the last book. I mean...Eragon leaves Alagaesia forever never to see his loved ones or friends again, The End!!?! *and* Arya and him never did get together,(Nor Nasuada and Murtagh which was rather gloomy after all that conspired in Uru'baen) which was all too expected. Ah well, we shall see I suppose. Although I'm sure im not the only one who will wonder as to Eragon's future. And then there's Angela, I am about %98 sure that she is the fabled "Soothsayer" that Galbatorix speaks of, but one can never be sure. And I was disappointed to find that the promised answers on her were not included. I have the feeling many fan-fictions will soon pop up to finish the story and Angela and what not. Therefore ruining the books. So, may the great legacy live on while it can. (I'm not a fan of fan-fiction, ok?)


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