Thursday, November 17, 2011

Short stories

I wrote a post on facebook saying that I would write a short story of any topic given in the comments. Here was my challenge:  i have 2, first one: u find a magical staff and es forced to use it for good the second: ur parents have signed an agreement making u marry Justin Bieber for 20 years, their are no loopholes or ways out, u must stay with him have fun Carna ^.=.^
Here is the end result:  Once upon a time Carna found a magical stick that she used to bash in the face of her husband Justin Bieber. She then disposed of the body with the magic "burn every living thing in sight" button on the stick and phoned the police of his disappearance. Carna then lived off of Justin Bieber's assorted millions until she was very old and used the magical stick to control the minds of everyone in the world. She died after a squirrel chewed through her bungee cord and she fell to her death.


My second challengewhatever XD i gots a new one for ya: ur playing an internet game and then lightening strikes the phone lines messing with ur computer and sucking u into the game ur playing, u must survive and figure a way out by beating the game. the game u was playing es Assasians Creed ^.=.^ i know u will enjoy this

I know nothing about this games except that the characters have Italian accents and kill people. So here is the end result: (excuse my ignorance as I know very little about this game. I wrote several much longer versions but none of them seemed to work. long story short,)

Carna  hated computers. She also hated it when they zapped her in the face, and she woke up in the middle of a stone street and was carried away by strangely dressed guards. However she did enjoy killing all of said guards abandoning her "mission" and eventually leading to the death and destruction of the entire royal family and anyone else of "nobility".
"You have no idea how to play this game, do you?"
"Not in the slightest." Carna replied to the magical talking death snail (any good game should have magical talking death snails) that she had found after harpooning the King in the face. The snail's name was Henry. He liked to eat beans.
"I guess that's why everyone's dead?"
"yep" Carna kicked over a burning piece of wood by her feet and continued to walk along the streets.
"Technically I killed everyone, so i killed my 'target' does tht count as finishing the game?"
"It should" replied the snail as he nibbled on a detached hand.
"I will miss yo Henry."
She waved goodbye and died.

The End.

As you can tell, i know nothing about the game. But seriously, any game worth playing has magical talking death snails.

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